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The internal structure of practically any material can be studied effectively using microCT imaging. Many industries take advantage of microCT's high resolution to inspect and verify production processes for products ranging from batteries to food. The distance transformation functions of SCANCO Medical's 3D analysis software are especially effective for quantifying accessible pore volume and permeability in foam-like materials. Examples of some interesting projects using our devices can be found in our collection of Application Notes.

Styrofoam detail (voxelsize 0.8 µm)
Styrofoam (3D slice)

Material Applications (µCT 100)

Aerosol can
Printed circuit board
Printed circuit board
Scaffold thickness map
Freeze-dried sample
Titanium scaffold thickness map
Scaffold thickness map

Material Applications (µCT 80) - Porosity of aluminium Foams

Porosity map of open structure Al foam
Porosity map of medium density Al foam
Porosity map of high density Al foam
Porosity map of very high density Al foam
Wire bond
Silk fibroin scaffold, c. S. Hofmann, ETHZ
Woven Fibers
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