Application Notes

The application notes on this page, most of which are contributions from our customers, describe projects that have been performed successfully using SCANCO Medical microCT scanners. Please check this page regularly for new content.

If you are interested in another application, or if you have a suggestion for an interesting application note, please send us an e-mail.

Biomedical microCT


Finite Element Analysis


F. Paqué et al., 

University of Zürich 

S.Boutroy et al.
INSERM, Université de Lyon

S. Judex et al.
Stony Brook University

Tissue Engineering


Vascular Network

J. Rich et al.
Helsinki Univ. of Technology

A. W. Palmer et al.
Georgia Institute of Technology

E. P. Meyer et al.
University of Zürich


Rat Femur

XtremeCT II

A. Laib and M. Burkhart
SCANCO Medical

N. Vilayphiou
SCANCO Medical


Geology (Sandstone)


Tissue Analysis 

L. Falco and M. Burkhart

SCANCO Medical

T. van der Niet
Univ. of Cape Town

A. Laib et al.

SCANCO Medical

3D printing (Bat)

Archeology (Mummy)

Morphology (Quail)

Anna Bonsmann,
University of Zürich

Paleontology, rocks, 
sand and pearls


Mixed applications

L. Falco
SCANCO Medical

L. Falco
SCANCO Medical

M. Burkhart
SCANCO Medical

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