µCT 100

Biomedical Applications (µCT 100)

Human femur
2D slice of human femur
Detail of femur architecture
June bug
Bumble bee
Bug radiography
Dwarf gecko
Dwarf gecko

Material Applications (µCT 100)

Aerosol can
Printed circuit board
Printed circuit board

Fibers (µCT 100)


Food (µCT 100)

3D segmentation of twiglet
Wall thickness of twiglet
Porosity of twiglet
2D slice of oat cereal
3D reconstruction of oat cereal
Bran flakes
Dried fruit

Geology (µCT 100)

Thickness of crack in rock, Courtesy of F. Ouchterlony, MU Loeben
Rock inclusions

Paleontology (µCT 100)

Neusticosaurus pussilus fossil embedded in butiminous black shale. Courtesy of T. Scheyer, University of Zürich
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