µCT 50

Mouse Phalanx (1 µm voxelsize)
Murine cortex (0.5 µm voxelsize)
Bone fragment
1 µm wide crevice in bone
Cortical bone
Haversian canals and osteocytes in cortical bone
Fly head
Fly head (cut face=red)
Fly head detail (cut face=red)
Haversian canals in cortical bone
Haversian canals in cortical bone
Mouse tibia
Porosity in mouse tibia
Wood detail (voxelsize 1µm)
Piece of a match (colour code thickness map)
Wood with wormhole (voxelsize 750 nm)
Styrofoam detail (voxelsize 0.8 µm)
Styrofoam (3D slice)
Geological sample (voxelsize 910 nm)
Geological sample detail (voxelsize 910 nm)
Mercury intrusion simulation in sandstone
Three grains of lava attached
Two different types of sand grains
Diatom (voxelsize 1 µm)
Diatom, 3D rendered (voxelsize 1 µm)
Microfossil (voxelsize 600 nm)
Microfossil, detail (voxelsize 600 nm)

Food (µCT 50)

Corn extrudates
Corn extrudates
Grains of citric acid powder
Grain of citric acid powder
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