GPU Accelerated Reconstruction

The SCANCO GPU Accelerated Reconstruction System is an optional module for faster image reconstruction. The SCANCO GPU Reconstruction software is fully integrated in the scanner workflow and works automatically without any user intervention.

The system will speed up the calculation time up to 120 times in comparison with the standard reconstruction software running on a single core. It additionally frees resources leaving more computer power for analysis tasks.

Images reconstructed with the SCANCO GPU Accelerated Reconstruction System are fully compatible with images reconstructed with the standard CPU based reconstruction software.

The SCANCO GPU Accelerated Reconstruction software typically runs on the latest NVIDIA GPU Accelerators  (Tesla, Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal etc. architecture).

Typical configuration

HP Desktop Workstation, 64 bit




32 GB

128 GB

CPU (cores)

1 (8)

2 (24)



512 GB SSD


NVIDIA GPU Accelerator, Kepler architecture, Tesla K40c

NVIDIA GPU Accelerator Tesla K40c
Graph showing the gain in speed between the standard CPU reconstruction operating on a one core CPU in comparison with the GPU reconstruction running on NVIDIA GPU Accelerator Tesla K40c. The speed gain is shown for different sizes of the image matrix.
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