Automatic sample changer

An optional sample changer can be fitted to help automate large studies. The sample changer accommodates between 6 and 12 sample holders, depending on scanner type and sample holder diameter. Scan position and protocol are specified for all samples interactively during loading, after which scans are performed unattended in batch mode.

Below you will find a video showing the functionality of the sample holder changer for µCT 50 and 100.


Filter changer

Adding a filter changer enhances the range of materials that can be scanned by shaping the energy spectrum of the X-ray beam. For small and light specimens, using a weak filter enhances the contrast produced by soft materials. Stronger filters, which result in a more concentrated high-energy X-ray beam, improve image quality for more dense materials or larger objects by reducing the effects of beam-hardening.

Filter materials are 0.1 mm Aluminium, 0.5 mm Aluminium or 0.1 mm Copper. A fourth filter changer position allows scanning without a filter.

Sample changer (µCT 50/100)

Sample changer (µCT 35)

Sample changer (µCT 40)

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