SCANCO Medical's state-of-the-art microCT systems are designed to meet the demands of your 3D imaging and analysis studies. These systems deliver best possible image quality with high signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution to support accurate, reproducible quantitative 3D analysis.

Our systems are supplied with our comprehensive software suite and customized computing systems to provide a complete integrated solution tailored to your imaging requirements. Computing and software solutions are also available separately, allowing you to add our powerful image processing capabilities to your existing imaging infrastructure.

We also offer individual solutions via our contract services.

Specimen Systems

Preclinical Systems

Clinical Systems

Contract Services

  • Ideal for imaging very small structures
  • Submicron imaging for biomedical and materials specimens
  • Batch scanning
  • Optional sample and filter changers
  • Ideal for high-volume preclinical studies
  • High-resolution in vivo imaging
  • Low X-ray dose
  • Optional physiological monitoring and gating
  • Unique HR-pQCT for monitoring bone density and architecture in human extremities
  • True 3D analysis of structure and density in trabecular and cortical bone
  • High-resolution in vivo imaging
  • Low X-ray dose
  • Scan service for one-off or occasional studies
  • Scanning and 3D analysis
  • Cone-beam µCT or Synchrotron
  • Collaboration in large-scale clinical and industrial studies
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