Evaluation Scripts

Script: Local thickness maps

For objects with varying thickness, the local thickness values for every point of the object can be calculated and displayed in 'false color' code in 3D (see example). Additionally, structures can be highlighted or can be hidden according to their local thickness value, e.g. it is very easy to locate the thick pieces of a structure, or vice versa, to highlight the thin pieces of a structure.

This is indispensable for the detailed analysis of trabecular bone as well as when studying complex scaffolds or other complicated 3D structures.

Script: Evaluating porosity

Similarly as for local thickness maps, the spacing between the object can be calculated. For trabecular bone, the resulting images represent the local values of trabecular separation. For non-bone scans, it represents the local pore size (see example).

The script output can be used to determine a porosity distribution. With further analysis steps, the accessible volume for spheres of varying diameter can be calculated, which corresponds to performing a simulated mercury intrusion porositometry.

Script: Transparent object

Multiple objects can be shown together in the 3D viewer. One typical example is to show the numerically evaluated volume of interest (VOI) shown solid, embedded in the whole object which is shown transparently. Thus, the exact extent and position of the chosen VOI can be clearly visualized.

Script: Automatic cortex segmentation

For fairly standardized situations, the cortex of the bone can be separated from the trabecular compartment fully automatically.

Script: Attachment calculation

When studying the 3D interface of 2 different materials with µCT, it is sometimes interesting to know what part of the 2 surfaces are really attached to one another. This script will automatically calculate the area of this so called attachment surface. To help visualize this, it will assign a different colour to the contact area and show the surrounding material transparently. See example.

Thickness map

Porosity Map

VOI embedded in transparent whole object

Automatic cortex segmentation

Attachment calculation

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