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SCANCO Medical has been supplying microCT scanners for research for over 30 years. Here we highlight recent publications that describe studies performed using our systems (6559 publications).

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Enhanced bone regeneration via endochondral ossification using Exendin-4-modified mesenchymal stem cells.
He Z, Li H, Zhang Y, Gao S, Liang K, Su Y, Du Y, Wang D, Xing D, Yang Z, Lin J.
Bioact Mater, Vol:34, Pages:98-111 Apr 2024

Piezo-enhanced near infrared photocatalytic nanoheterojunction integrated injectable biopolymer hydrogel for anti-osteosarcoma and osteogenesis combination therapy.
Xiao C, Wang R, Fu R, Yu P, Guo J, Li G, Wang Z, Wang H, Nie J, Liu W, Zhai J, Li C, Deng C, Chen D, Zhou L, Ning C.
Bioact Mater, Vol:34, Pages:381-400 Apr 2024

Incorporating strontium enriched amorphous calcium phosphate granules in collagen/collagen-magnesium-hydroxyapatite osteochondral scaffolds improves subchondral bone repair.
Xu J, Vecstaudza J, Wesdorp MA, Labberté M, Kops N, Salerno M, Kok J, Simon M, Harmand MF, Vancíková K, van Rietbergen B, Misciagna MM, Dolcini L, Filardo G, Farrell E, van Osch GJVM, Locs J, Brama PAJ.
Mater Today Bio, Vol:25 Apr 2024

AAV-based gene editing of type 1 collagen mutation to treat osteogenesis imperfecta.
Yang YS, Sato T, Chaugule S, Ma H, Xie J, Gao G, Shim JH.
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids, Vol:35, Issue:1 Mar 2024

Bisphosphonates do not affect healing of a critical-size defect in estrogen-deficient mice.
Strunz F, Gentil-Perret S, Siegrist M, Bohner M, Saulacic N, Hofstetter W.
Bone Rep, Vol:20 Mar 2024

Non-enzymatic glycation reduces glucose transport in the human cartilage endplate independently of matrix porosity or proteoglycan content.
Jung JY, Habib M, Morrissette LJ, Timmons SC, Maerz T, Fields AJ.
JOR Spine, Vol:7, Issue:1 Mar 2024

Development of A Micro-CT Scanner with Dual-Energy Option and Endovascular Contrast Agent Administration Protocol for Fetal and Neonatal Virtual Autopsy
Robert Zboray, Wolf Schweitzer, Lars Ebert, Martin Wolf, Sabino Guglielmini, Stefan Haemmerle, Stephan Weiss, Bruno Koller
J Imaging, Vol:10, Issue:3 Feb 2024

Three Birds, One Stone: An Osteo-Microenvironment Stage-Regulative Scaffold for Bone Defect Repair through Modulating Early Osteo-Immunomodulation, Middle Neovascularization, and Later Osteogenesis.
Yuan Y, Xu Y, Mao Y, Liu H, Ou M, Lin Z, Zhao R, Long H, Cheng L, Sun B, Zhao S, Zeng M, Lu B, Lu H, Zhu Y, Chen C.
Adv Sci (Weinh), Vol:11, Issue:6 Feb 2024

Osteogenic human MSC-derived extracellular vesicles regulate MSC activity and osteogenic differentiation and promote bone regeneration in a rat calvarial defect model.
Al-Sharabi N, Mohamed-Ahmed S, Shanbhag S, Kampleitner C, Elnour R, Yamada S, Rana N, Birkeland E, Tangl S, Gruber R, Mustafa K.
Stem Cell Res Ther, Vol:15, Issue:1 Feb 2024

Injectable ultrasound-powered bone-adhesive nanocomposite hydrogel for electrically accelerated irregular bone defect healing.
Zhou S, Xiao C, Fan L, Yang J, Ge R, Cai M, Yuan K, Li C, Crawford RW, Xiao Y, Yu P, Deng C, Ning C, Zhou L, Wang Y.
J Nanobiotechnology, Vol:22, Issue:1 Feb 2024

Whitening of brown adipose tissue inhibits osteogenic differentiation via secretion of S100A8/A9.
Wang T, Zhao C, Zhang J, Li S, Zhang Y, Gong Y, Zhou Y, Yan L, Zhang S, Zhang Z, Hu H, Liu A, Bai X, Zou Z.
iScience, Vol:27, Issue:2 Feb 2024

New insight into biodegradable macropore filler on tuning mechanical properties and bone tissue ingrowth in sparingly dissolvable bioceramic scaffolds.
Jiao X, Wu F, Yue X, Yang J, Zhang Y, Qiu J, Ke X, Sun X, Zhao L, Xu C, Li Y, Yang X, Yang G, Gou Z, Zhang L.
Mater Today Bio, Vol:24 Feb 2024

Beyond Average: ?-Particle Distribution and Dose Heterogeneity in Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer.
Benabdallah N, Lu P, Abou DS, Zhang H, Ulmert D, Hobbs RF, Gay HA, Simons BW, Saeed MA, Rogers BE, Jha AK, Tai YC, Malone CD, Ippolito JE, Michalski J, Jennings JW, Baumann BC, Pachynski RK, Thorek DLJ.
J Nucl Med, Vol:65, Issue:2, Pages:245-251 Feb 2024

Human APOE4 Protects High-Fat and High-Sucrose Diet Fed Targeted Replacement Mice against Fatty Liver Disease Compared to APOE3.
Huebbe P, Bilke S, Rueter J, Schloesser A, Campbel G, Glüer CC, Lucius R, Röcken C, Tholey A, Rimbach G.
Aging Dis, Vol:15, Issue:1, Pages:259-281 Feb 2024

Mitochondrial-Oriented Injectable Hydrogel Microspheres Maintain Homeostasis of Chondrocyte Metabolism to Promote Subcellular Therapy in Osteoarthritis.
Chen L, Yang J, Cai Z, Huang Y, Xiao P, Chen H, Luo X, Huang W, Cui W, Hu N.
Research (Wash D C), Vol:7 Jan 2024

The effects of preosteoblast-derived exosomes on macrophages and bone in mice.
Hakki SS, Batoon L, Koh AJ, Kannan R, Mendoza-Reinoso V, Rubin J, Mccauley LK, Roca H.
J Cell Mol Med, Vol:28, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Induction of cervical disc degeneration and discogenic pain by low concentration Propionibacterium acnes infection: an in vivo animal study.
Li J, Li H, Chen Y, Bei D, Huang B, Gan K, Sang P, Liu J, Shan Z, Chen J, Zhao F, Chen B.
Arthritis Res Ther, Vol:26, Issue:1 Jan 2024

IL13R?2 as a crucial receptor for Chi3l1 in osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption through the MAPK/AKT pathway.
Xu W, Chao R, Xie X, Mao Y, Chen X, Chen X, Zhang S.
Cell Commun Signal, Vol:22, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Systems genetics and bioinformatics analyses using ESR1-correlated genes identify potential candidates underlying female bone development.
Bajpai AK, Gu Q, Jiao Y, Starlard-Davenport A, Gu W, Quarles LD, Xiao Z, Lu L.
Genomics, Vol:116, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Mitigation of BMP-induced inflammation in craniofacial bone regeneration and improvement of bone parameters by dietary hesperidin.
Miguez PA, de Paiva Gonçalves V, Musskopf ML, Rivera-Concepcion A, McGaughey S, Yu C, Lee DJ, Tuin SA, Ali A.
Sci Rep, Vol:14, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Reduced estrogen signaling contributes to bone loss and cardiac dysfunction in interleukin-10 knockout mice.
Alake SE, Ice J, Robinson K, Price P, Hatter B, Wozniak K, Lin D, Chowanadisai W, Smith BJ, Lucas EA.
Physiol Rep, Vol:12, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Micro-computed tomography analysis of calcium hydroxide delivery efficacy in C-shaped canal system of mandibular second molars.
Chen M, Pradhan B, Meng Y, Tsauo C, Zhou X, Huang D, Ma J, Gao Y.
BMC Oral Health, Vol:24, Issue:1 Jan 2024

METTL3 promotes osteoblast ribosome biogenesis and alleviates periodontitis.
Zhang Y, Kong Y, Zhang W, He J, Zhang Z, Cai Y, Zhao Y, Xu Q.
Clin Epigenetics, Vol:16, Issue:1 Jan 2024

MicroRNA-93-5p regulates odontogenic differentiation and dentin formation via KDM6B.
Wu S, Xu X, Gao S, Huo S, Wan M, Zhou X, Zhou X, Zheng L, Zhou Y.
J Transl Med, Vol:22, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Magnesium promotes vascularization and osseointegration in diabetic states.
Liu L, Wang F, Song W, Zhang D, Lin W, Yin Q, Wang Q, Li H, Yuan Q, Zhang S.
Int J Oral Sci, Vol:16, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Exercise-induced modulation of myokine irisin on muscle-bone unit in the rat model of post-traumatic osteoarthritis.
Shang X, Hao X, Hou W, Liu J, Chi R, Deng X, Pan C, Xu T.
J Orthop Surg Res, Vol:19, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Hydrogel Composite Magnetic Scaffolds: Toward Cell-Free In Situ Bone Tissue Engineering.
Xue J, Gurav N, Elsharkawy S, Deb S.
ACS Appl Bio Mater, Vol:7, Issue:1, Pages:168-181 Jan 2024

XJB-5-131 protects chondrocytes from ferroptosis to alleviate osteoarthritis progression via restoring Pebp1 expression.
Sun W, Lv Z, Li W, Lu J, Xie Y, Wang P, Jiang R, Dong J, Guo H, Liu Z, Fei Y, Tan G, Wang M, Ren K, Xu J, Sun H, Jiang X, Shi D.
J Orthop Translat, Vol:44, Pages:114-124 Jan 2024

Age-related decline in melatonin contributes to enhanced osteoclastogenesis via disruption of redox homeostasis.
Wu DZ, Zhu GZ, Zhao K, Gao JW, Cai GX, Li HZ, Huang YS, Tu C, Zhuang JS, Huang ZW, Zhong ZM.
Mol Med, Vol:30, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Auricularia auricula Anionic Polysaccharide Nanoparticles for Gastrointestinal Delivery of Pinus koraiensis Polyphenol Used in Bone Protection under Weightlessness.
Kang L, Li Q, Jing Y, Ren F, Li E, Zeng X, Xu Y, Wang D, Wang Q, Sun G, Wei L, Diao Y.
Molecules, Vol:29, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Olfactory mucosa mesenchymal stem cells alleviate pulmonary fibrosis via the immunomodulation and reduction of inflammation.
Duan R, Hong CG, Wang X, Lu M, Xie H, Liu ZZ.
BMC Pulm Med, Vol:24, Issue:1 Jan 2024

A Bioactive Gelatin-Methacrylate Incorporating Magnesium Phosphate Cement for Bone Regeneration.
Zhang X, Gong C, Wang X, Wei Z, Guo W.
Biomedicines, Vol:12, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Preliminary study on the diagnosis of NK stress based on the puncture mechanical characteristics of cucumber stem.
Liu Y, Wang Y, Wang B, Shi Q, Mao H.
BMC Plant Biol, Vol:24, Issue:1 Jan 2024

Daily low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation mitigates joint degradation and pain in a post-traumatic osteoarthritis rat model.
Lee W, Georgas E, Komatsu DE, Qin YX.
J Orthop Translat, Vol:44, Pages:9-18 Jan 2024

Systemic inflammatory and gut microbiota responses to fracture in young and middle-aged mice.
Roberts JL, Chiedo B, Drissi H.
Geroscience, Vol:45, Issue:6, Pages:3115-3129 Dec 2023

Effects of the cone-beam computed tomography protocol on the accuracy and image quality of root surface area measurements: An in vitro study.
Intarasuksanti C, Prapayasatok S, Kampan N, Sirabanchongkran S, Mahakkanukrauh P, Sastraruji T, Khongkhunthian P, Kuharattanachai K, Tripuwabhrut K.
Imaging Sci Dent, Vol:53, Issue:4, Pages:325-333 Dec 2023

Trabecular bone deterioration in a postmenopausal female suffering multiple spontaneous vertebral fractures due to a delayed denosumab injection - A post-treatment re-initiation bone biopsy-based case study.
Drejer LA, El-Masri BM, Ejersted C, Andreasen CM, Thomsen LK, Thomsen JS, Andersen TL, Hansen S.
Bone Rep, Vol:19 Dec 2023

Anti-Siglec-15 Antibody Prevents Marked Bone Loss after Acute Spinal Cord Injury-Induced Immobilization in Rats.
Peng Y, Langermann S, Kothari P, Liu L, Zhao W, Hu Y, Chen Z, Moraes de Lima Perini M, Li J, Cao J, Guo XE, Chen L, Bauman WA, Qin W.
JBMR Plus, Vol:7, Issue:12 Dec 2023

Cholesteatoma Severely Impacts the Integrity and Bone Material Quality of the Incus.
Delsmann MM, Bonik P, Ocokoljic A, Häussler SM, Püschel K, Praetorius M, Amling M, Peichl J, Rolvien T.
Calcif Tissue Int, Vol:113, Issue:6, Pages:609-617 Dec 2023

Adult dental epithelial stem cell-derived organoids deposit hydroxylapatite biomineral.
Kim HY, Cooley V, Kim EJ, Li S, Lee JM, Sheyfer D, Liu W, Klein OD, Joester D, Jung HS.
Int J Oral Sci, Vol:15, Issue:1 Dec 2023

Mechanical crosstalk between the intervertebral disc, facet joints, and vertebral endplate following acute disc injury in a rabbit model.
Fainor M, Orozco BS, Muir VG, Mahindroo S, Gupta S, Mauck RL, Burdick JA, Smith HE, Gullbrand SE.
JOR Spine, Vol:6, Issue:4 Dec 2023

FGF23 directly inhibits osteoprogenitor differentiation in Dmp1-knockout mice.
Courbon G, Kentrup D, Thomas JJ, Wang X, Tsai HH, Spindler J, Von Drasek J, Ndjonko LM, Martinez-Calle M, Lynch S, Hivert L, Wang X, Chang W, Feng JQ, David V, Martin A.
JCI Insight, Vol:8, Issue:24 Dec 2023

DNA methylation-mediated Rbpjk suppression protects against fracture nonunion caused by systemic inflammation.
Xiao D, Fang L, Liu Z, He Y, Ying J, Qin H, Lu A, Shi M, Li T, Zhang B, Guan J, Wang C, Abu-Amer Y, Shen J.
J Clin Invest, Vol:134, Issue:3 Dec 2023

A Zebrafish Mutant in the Extracellular Matrix Protein Gene efemp1 as a Model for Spinal Osteoarthritis.
Raman R, Bahri MA, Degueldre C, Caetano da Silva C, Sanchez C, Ostertag A, Collet C, Cohen-Solal M, Plenevaux A, Henrotin Y, Muller M.
Animals (Basel), Vol:14, Issue:1 Dec 2023

Activin A marks a novel progenitor cell population during fracture healing and reveals a therapeutic strategy.
Yao L, Lu J, Zhong L, Wei Y, Gui T, Wang L, Ahn J, Boerckel JD, Rux D, Mundy C, Qin L, Pacifici M.
Elife, Vol:12 Dec 2023

Visualization and quantitation of spine deformity in zebrafish models of scoliosis by micro-computed tomography.
Bearce EA, Ricamona BTB, Fisher KH, O'Hara-Smith JR, Grimes DT.
STAR Protoc, Vol:4, Issue:4 Dec 2023

Multimodal CT imaging of ischemic stroke thrombi identifies scale-invariant radiomic features that reflect clot biology.
Santo BA, Janbeh Sarayi SMM, McCall AD, Monteiro A, Donnelly B, Siddiqui AH, Tutino VM.
J Neurointerv Surg, Vol:15, Issue:12, Pages:1257-1263 Dec 2023

A bimolecular modification strategy for developing long-lasting bone anabolic aptamer.
Zhang H, Yu S, Ni S, Gubu A, Ma Y, Zhang Y, Li H, Wang Y, Wang L, Zhang Z, Yu Y, Lyu A, Zhang B, Zhang G.
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids, Vol:34 Dec 2023

Sexual dimorphism of osteoclast reliance on mitochondrial oxidation of energy substrates in the mouse.
Song C, Valeri A, Song F, Ji X, Liao X, Marmo T, Seeley R, Rutter J, Long F.
JCI Insight, Vol:8, Issue:24 Dec 2023

Regulation of bone and fat balance by Fructus Ligustri Lucidi in ovariectomized mice.
Qin X, Wei Q, An R, Yang Y, Cai M, Han X, Mao H, Gao X.
Pharm Biol, Vol:61, Issue:1, Pages:391-403 Dec 2023

Aptamer-functionalized hydrogels promote bone healing by selectively recruiting endogenous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.
Gong JS, Zhu GQ, Zhang Y, Chen B, Liu YW, Li HM, He ZH, Zou JT, Qian YX, Zhu S, Hu XY, Rao SS, Cao J, Xie H, Wang ZX, Du W.
Mater Today Bio, Vol:23 Dec 2023

Efficient Treatment of Pulpitis via Transplantation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Pericytes Partially through LTBP1-Mediated T Cell Suppression.
Li A, Li Z, Chiu W, Xiong C, Chen Q, Chen J, Lai X, Li W, Ke Q, Liu J, Zhang X.
Biomedicines, Vol:11, Issue:12 Dec 2023

Biomimetic Grapefruit-Derived Extracellular Vesicles for Safe and Targeted Delivery of Sodium Thiosulfate against Vascular Calcification.
Feng W, Teng Y, Zhong Q, Zhang Y, Zhang J, Zhao P, Chen G, Wang C, Liang XJ, Ou C.
ACS Nano, Vol:17, Issue:24, Pages:24773-24789 Dec 2023

Design of a Haversian system-like gradient porous scaffold based on triply periodic minimal surfaces for promoting bone regeneration.
Li L, Wang P, Liang H, Jin J, Zhang Y, Shi J, Zhang Y, He S, Mao H, Xue B, Lai J, Zhu L, Jiang Q.
J Adv Res, Vol:54, Pages:89-104 Dec 2023

Chondrocytes supplemented to bone graft-containing scaffolds expedite cranial defect repair.
Carmon I, Zobrab A, Alterman M, Tabib R, Cohen A, Kandel L, Greenberg A, Reich E, Casap N, Dvir-Ginzberg M.
Sci Rep, Vol:13, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Distinct disease mutations in DNMT3A result in a spectrum of behavioral, epigenetic, and transcriptional deficits.
Beard DC, Zhang X, Wu DY, Martin JR, Erickson A, Boua JV, Hamagami N, Swift RG, McCullough KB, Ge X, Bell-Hensley A, Zheng H, Palmer CW, Fuhler NA, Lawrence AB, Hill CA, Papouin T, Noguchi KK, McAlinden A, Garbow JR, Dougherty JD, Maloney SE, Gabel HW.
Cell Rep, Vol:42, Issue:11 Nov 2023

Pharmacologic Inhibition of Myostatin With a Myostatin Antibody Improves the Skeletal Muscle and Bone Phenotype of Male Insulin-Deficient Diabetic Mice.
Bunn RC, Adatorwovor R, Smith RR, Ray PD, Fields SE, Keeble AR, Fry CS, Uppuganti S, Nyman JS, Fowlkes JL, Kalaitzoglou E.
JBMR Plus, Vol:7, Issue:11 Nov 2023

Copula-based modeling and simulation of 3D systems of curved fibers by isolating intrinsic fiber properties and external effects.
Weber M, Grießer A, Mosbach D, Glatt E, Wiegmann A, Schmidt V.
Sci Rep, Vol:13, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Effects of 4-hexylresorcinol on facial skeletal development in growing rats: Considerations for diabetes.
Jeong H, Kim JY, Che X, Choi JY, Jang I, Kim SG.
Korean J Orthod, Vol:53, Issue:6, Pages:393-401 Nov 2023

Strontium ranelate enriched Ruminococcus albus in the gut microbiome of Sprague-Dawley rats with postmenopausal osteoporosis.
Xiao X, Cui Y, Lu H, Wang J, Yang J, Liu L, Liu Z, Peng X, Cao H, Liu X, Wei X.
BMC Microbiol, Vol:23, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Chroogomphus rutilus Regulates Bone Metabolism to Prevent Periodontal Bone Loss during Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Osteoporotic Rats.
Zhou Y, Zhu Y, Jin X, Zhang Y, Song J, Wu Z, Li Y, Yi J, Wang D, Hu M.
Nutrients, Vol:15, Issue:23 Nov 2023

Lipolysis supports bone formation by providing osteoblasts with endogenous fatty acid substrates to maintain bioenergetic status.
Nandy A, Helderman RCM, Thapa S, Jayapalan S, Richards A, Narayani N, Czech MP, Rosen CJ, Rendina-Ruedy E.
Bone Res, Vol:11, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Lysyl oxidase inhibits BMP9-induced osteoblastic differentiation through reducing Wnt/?-catenin via HIF-1a repression in 3T3-L1 cells.
Zhang J, Ye F, Ye A, He B.
J Orthop Surg Res, Vol:18, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Erythropoietin suppresses osteoblast apoptosis and ameliorates steroid-induced necrosis of the femoral head in rats by inhibition of STAT1-caspase 3 signaling pathway.
Cai T, Chen S, Wu C, Lou C, Wang W, Lin C, Jiang H, Xu X.
BMC Musculoskelet Disord, Vol:24, Issue:1 Nov 2023

A Novel Semi-Cannulated Screw Enhanced Bone Cement Augmentation and Pullout Strength in Posterior Cervical Lateral Mass Screw Fixations: An In Vitro Biomechanical and Morphological Study.
Canyang H, Weidong C, Zhiping H, Xiuhua W, Minghui Z, Haihong H, Qingan Z, Dongbin Q.
Orthop Surg, Vol:15, Issue:11, Pages:2927-2936 Nov 2023

Effects of adipocyte-specific Dkk1 deletion on bone homeostasis and obesity-induced bone loss in male mice.
Daamouch S, Thiele S, Hofbauer L, Rauner M.
Endocr Connect, Vol:12, Issue:11 Nov 2023

Moderate static magnetic field promotes fracture healing and regulates iron metabolism in mice.
Wang S, Liu Y, Lou C, Cai C, Ren W, Liu J, Gong M, Shang P, Zhang H.
Biomed Eng Online, Vol:22, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Effects of Dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) on Prostate Cancer Growth and Bone Metastasis.
Yuan S, Hoggard NK, Kantake N, Hildreth BE, Rosol TJ.
Cells, Vol:12, Issue:23 Nov 2023

Zucker Diabetic-Sprague Dawley Rats Have Impaired Peri-Implant Bone Formation, Matrix Composition, and Implant Fixation Strength.
Anderson KD, Beckmann C, Heermant S, Ko FC, Dulion B, Tarhoni I, Borgia JA, Virdi AS, Wimmer MA, Sumner DR, Ross RD.
JBMR Plus, Vol:7, Issue:11 Nov 2023

Annexin A5 derived from matrix vesicles protects against osteoporotic bone loss via mineralization.
Su G, Zhang D, Li T, Pei T, Yang J, Tu S, Liu S, Ren J, Zhang Y, Duan M, Yang X, Shen Y, Zhou C, Xie J, Liu X.
Bone Res, Vol:11, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Exosomal mRNAs for Angiogenic-Osteogenic Coupled Bone Repair.
Ma Y, Sun L, Zhang J, Chiang CL, Pan J, Wang X, Kwak KJ, Li H, Zhao R, Rima XY, Zhang C, Zhang A, Liu Y, He Z, Hansford D, Reategui E, Liu C, Lee AS, Yuan Y, Lee LJ.
Adv Sci (Weinh), Vol:10, Issue:33 Nov 2023

A multi-stack registration technique to improve measurement accuracy and precision across longitudinal HR-pQCT scans
Whittier, Danielle E.; Walle, Matthias; Schenk, Denis; Atkins, Penny R.; Collins, Caitlyn J.; Zysset, Philippe; Lippuner, Kurt; Müller, Ralph
Bone, Vol:176 Nov 2023

Efficiency and complications in root canal retreatment using nickel titanium rotary file with continuous rotation, reciprocating, or adaptive motion in curved root canals: a laboratory investigation.
Tantiwanichpun B, Kulvitit S.
BMC Oral Health, Vol:23, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Tobacco toxins induce osteoporosis through ferroptosis.
Jing Z, Li Y, Zhang H, Chen T, Yu J, Xu X, Zou Y, Wang X, Xiang K, Gong X, He P, Fu Y, Ren M, Ji P, Yang S.
Redox Biol, Vol:67 Nov 2023

Cell response and bone ingrowth to 3D printed Ti6Al4V scaffolds with Mg-incorporating sol-gel Ta2O5 coating.
Zhang B, Feng J, Chen S, Liao R, Zhang C, Luo X, Yang Z, Xiao D, He K, Duan K.
RSC Adv, Vol:13, Issue:47, Pages:33053-33060 Nov 2023

Berberine and aspirin prevent traumatic heterotopic ossification by inhibition of BMP signalling pathway and osteogenic differentiation.
Fan J, Gao J, Chen J, Hou J, Liu M, Dang Y, Lin H.
J Cell Mol Med, Vol:27, Issue:22, Pages:3491-3502 Nov 2023

CD133+ endothelial-like stem cells restore neovascularization and promote longevity in progeroid and naturally aged mice.
Sun S, Meng Y, Li M, Tang X, Hu W, Wu W, Li G, Pang Q, Wang W, Liu B.
Nat Aging, Vol:3, Issue:11, Pages:1401-1414 Nov 2023

3D-printed TCP-HA scaffolds delivering MicroRNA-302a-3p improve bone regeneration in a mouse calvarial model.
Limlawan P, Insin N, Marger L, Freudenreich M, Durual S, Vacharaksa A.
BDJ Open, Vol:9, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Short-Term Evaluation of Bone–ACL–Bone Complex Allograft in ACL Reconstruction in a Rabbit Model
Liu Y, Havasy J, Green S, Deng X, Chen D, Piacentini A, Rodeo S.
J Clin Med, Vol:12, Issue:22 Nov 2023

Skeletal phenotype amelioration in mucopolysaccharidosis VI requires intervention at the earliest stages of postnatal development.
Hwang-Wong E, Amar G, Das N, Zhang X, Aaron N, Gale K, Rothman N, Fante M, Baik A, Bhargava A, Fricker A, McAlister M, Rabinowitz J, Lees-Shepard J, Nannuru K, Economides AN, Cygnar KD.
JCI Insight, Vol:8, Issue:21 Nov 2023

Lipopolysaccharide Impedes Bone Repair in Fc?RIIB-Deficient Mice.
Jantaboon S, Sakunrangsit N, Toejing P, Leelahavanichkul A, Pisitkun P, Greenblatt MB, Lotinun S.
Int J Mol Sci, Vol:24, Issue:23 Nov 2023

Centrosome clustering control in osteoclasts through CCR5-mediated signaling.
Lee JW, Lee IH, Watanabe H, Liu Y, Sawada K, Maekawa M, Uehara S, Kobayashi Y, Imai Y, Kong SW, Iimura T.
Sci Rep, Vol:13, Issue:1 Nov 2023

Targeted inhibition of Wnt signaling with a Clostridioides difficile toxin B fragment suppresses breast cancer tumor growth.
He A, Tian S, Kopper O, Horan DJ, Chen P, Bronson RT, Sheng R, Wu H, Sui L, Zhou K, Tao L, Wu Q, Huang Y, Shen Z, Han S, Chen X, Chen H, He X, Robling AG, Jin R, Clevers H, Xiang D, Li Z, Dong M.
PLoS Biol, Vol:21, Issue:11 Nov 2023

Internal Morphology of Mandibular Second Premolars Using Micro-Computed Tomography.
Wolf TG, Basmaci S, Schumann S, Waber AL.
J Imaging, Vol:9, Issue:12 Nov 2023

Modest Effects of Osteoclast-Specific ER? Deletion after Skeletal Maturity.
Doolittle ML, Eckhardt BA, Vos SJ, Grain S, Rowsey JL, Ruan M, Saul D, Farr JN, Weivoda MM, Khosla S, Monroe DG.
JBMR Plus, Vol:7, Issue:10 Oct 2023

TET3 plays a critical role in white adipose development and diet-induced remodeling.
Jung BC, You D, Lee I, Li D, Schill RL, Ma K, Pi A, Song Z, Mu WC, Wang T, MacDougald OA, Banks AS, Kang S.
Cell Rep, Vol:42, Issue:10 Oct 2023

Gut microbiota impacts bone via Bacteroides vulgatus-valeric acid-related pathways.
Lin X, Xiao HM, Liu HM, Lv WQ, Greenbaum J, Gong R, Zhang Q, Chen YC, Peng C, Xu XJ, Pan DY, Chen Z, Li ZF, Zhou R, Wang XF, Lu JM, Ao ZX, Song YQ, Zhang YH, Su KJ, Meng XH, Ge CL, Lv FY, Luo Z, Shi XM, Zhao Q, Guo BY, Yi NJ, Shen H, Papasian CJ, Shen J, Deng HW.
Nat Commun, Vol:14, Issue:1 Oct 2023

Dental characteristics of patients with four different types of skeletal dysplasias.
Tantibhaedhyangkul W, Tantrapornpong J, Yutchawit N, Theerapanon T, Intarak N, Thaweesapphithak S, Porntaveetus T, Shotelersuk V.
Clin Oral Investig, Vol:27, Issue:10, Pages:5827-5839 Oct 2023

In utero, lactational, or peripartal fluoxetine administration has differential implications on the murine maternal skeleton.
Fricke HP, Krajco CJ, Perry MJ, Reisner MA, Brettingen LJ, Wake LA, Charles JF, Hernandez LL.
Physiol Rep, Vol:11, Issue:19 Oct 2023

Comparative study in estrogen-depleted mice identifies skeletal and osteocyte transcriptomic responses to abaloparatide and teriparatide.
Lv Z, Zhang J, Liang S, Zhou C, Hu D, Brooks DJ, Bouxsein ML, Lanske B, Kostenuik P, Gori F, Baron R.
JCI Insight, Vol:8, Issue:20 Oct 2023

Genetic interactions between polycystin-1 and Wwtr1 in osteoblasts define a novel mechanosensing mechanism regulating bone formation in mice.
Xiao Z, Cao L, Smith MD, Li H, Li W, Smith JC, Quarles LD.
Bone Res, Vol:11, Issue:1 Oct 2023

Exploring the translational potential of PLGA nanoparticles for intra-articular rapamycin delivery in osteoarthritis therapy.
Ma JC, Luo T, Feng B, Huang Z, Zhang Y, Huang H, Yang X, Wen J, Bai X, Cui ZK.
J Nanobiotechnology, Vol:21, Issue:1 Oct 2023

Substantially Delayed Maturation of Growth Plate Chondrocytes in "Humanized" PTH1R Mice with the H223R Mutation of Jansen's Disease.
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