Remote Access

SCANCO Medical microCT systems provide several powerful mechanisms that allow remote access to scan data and results from other computers.

Windows file sharing (provided by SAMBA) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allow direct bidirectional file transfer of, for example, 3D evaluation results for statistical analysis in a PC-based spreadsheet or DICOM data series from other systems to your microCT system for 3D analysis.

A dedicated web server running on each microCT system allows browsing of scan data. In addition to display of analysis results, a slice viewer presents image data online, a great tool when discussing scan results away from the lab.

If you want to work with your data remotely, all SCANCO Medical programs can be accessed easily using SSH (Secure SHell) and an X11 window server. Programs that support these protocols are available for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Apple Mac.

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